Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bruce Timm

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you a Bruce Timm original drawing. Measuring at 8.5x11”, Timm’s signature style is on full display with this ink drawing on white paper of Vampirella. This terrific portrait by one of our modern day masters will soon belong to the highest bidder. It is signed “B.T.” in the lower right corner.

Few artists come along whose work can influence a generation. Bruce Timm has not only influenced one generation, but several generations after hitting the scene hard with his version of Batman in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series. You can see his style emulated time and again in the work of other character designers and cartoonists. Ever since the animated Batman, Timm has helped mold the rest of the animated DC universe to much acclaim with other versions of Batman, Superman, and the Justice League. Somehow he also found the time to work in comics, which have been equally embraced by fans big and small. Timm often creates drawings like this one just for the joy of it that have found their way into art collections around the world.


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