Monday, December 19, 2016

Michael Giacchino

This is a brand new copy of The Art of Inside Out donated from the collection of actor Paul Dooley. The shrink wrap was removed only in order to have Inside Out’s score composer, Michael Giacchino, sign it on the inside. Giacchino jokingly makes note that the book has nothing to do with the music in the film by writing “Why is there no music in this book???”

Michael Giacchino’s career has been on fire lately as the composer for the last three Star Trek movies, “Jurassic World,” “Doctor Strange,” and the recently released “Star Wars: Rogue One” movie! He won the Best Score Academy Award for his beautiful music in Pixar’s “Up.”

Paul Dooley was the voice of Sarge the Jeep in both of Pixar’s “Cars” movies, but you also may know him from several Robert Altman movies including “Popeye” where he played Wimpy. Paul has also been in movies such as “Insomnia,” “Runaway Bride,” “Waiting For Guffman,” and “Sixteen Candles.” Paul had some animation books in his collection that he donated to the NCS Foundation.

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